Tarzan & Co.

Tarzan and Korak illustrated in their loincloths

Get to Tarzan stories

Newer tales (2014 onwards, in Serials)

Older stuff (in Repository)

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Deadly rivalry trilogy

Deadly rivalry 1

– Told in PowerPoint

– Told in panels

Deadly rivalry 3

Trump card

Find main story page here



Variations 3 –  Scattered

Variations 4 – Opar

 Find Variations main webpage here


Single stories


Caged – Images

Caged – Told in scrolls

Fixing things


The Doctor

Welcome home


Spirit of the Black Panther


White Bull

This trilogy is without illustrations  –  full set of stories in Repository.

After posting, AfterDark kindly produced a graphic novel from the introductory chapter of Book 1.

Click on image below

Using images from the Miles o’Keefe movie


Tarzan & Korak


Strange love

Baited trap

Find Consequences  main story page here

Illustrations for Stand-alone stories

Hostage in Opar



Survival  (with friend Kwesi)

Find Survival main webpage here

Sins of the father




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